Marma Point Therapy

Marma Point Therapy

Marma is a type of pressure point therapy that releases physical and energetic tension in the body. Firm pressure is applied to various landmarks (or marma points) on the body. The result is an experience of great ease in the body and mind.

Marma is a sanskrit word meaning “hidden” or “secret”. There are hundreds of marma points that map to your body, but typically the practice is done through a systematic application of pressure to select points. The practice of marma comes from the ancient science of Ayurveda. An eastern practice, Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, and is based on the idea of bringing your unique characteristics into balance so that you feel ease in life.

What does this mean, really?! Think of it this way: If you are staying up late but still awaken every morning very early to go to work, you eventually will become burnt out and exhausted. You’ll sleep for a few days, get rested on your weekend, or spin on and on until you finally collapse. With Ayurveda, you learn about yourself to understand what it is about YOU that drives you to stay up late, even thought you know you should be going to bed earlier.

Then Ayurveda goes steps beyond that basic knowledge, and teaches you how the place you live, the weather, the food affect you to keep you up. And even further, to give you practices, foods, and lifestyle choices that will help you feel balanced ALL of the time, not only on your Mondays or Tuesdays when you’ve finally caught up a little on rest and sleep.

So MARMA is one of the tools of Ayurveda that we teachers can use to help accelerate the process of bringing you into balance.

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