One Year Ago Today

Jan 22, 2020

One year ago today, I was with my sister on our way to celebrate our mom’s birthday. I had a very broken nose and my SouleMan had recently had a major life change that would eventually lead to unemployment. One year ago today, I received a phone call to let me know that on top of all of this, our newly renovated apartment was flooding. Yup.

Today we woke up in our now restored apartment with my fully repaired nose and SouleMan off to take a day skiing. He’s not found his new work yet, however we both see the potential and opportunity that we have, today.

Sometimes life feels like it is just too much. Completely overwhelming. The fruit you are handed feels like nothing more than future fruitcakes, rather than the lemonade everyone is telling you that you can make. What’s also hard is that we aren’t necessarily in a position to tell people we are in a hole and might need help digging out, or even to please lend us a shovel. Some of us may feel we have no support network or community to lean into.

My mom always said “God never gives you more than you can handle.” I switched that up to say: “The Universe never gives you more than you can handle, but it sure will push you out of your comfort zone!”

The truth is that after this past year, we are still dealing with the ramifications of our choices and the choices others made that we have no control over. Time and again, we have been pushed back in to self examination and reminded that we can only control how we choose to be in any given situation.

One year ago today, I was crying and screaming about my feelings, my heartbreak, and the sadness my SouleMan and I were sharing.

Today he sent me a picture of a sun rising and the moon setting, and told me his thought: “Love is life and life is love and baby, we are so lucky.”

If you’re in a place that feels less than bright, call a friend or loved one, or even send me a message. Let us know. Because there is absolutely NO WAY we would be here now feeling this inspiration if it were not for the close circle of friends that we had to call on. You are not alone.

A month from now, a year from now, something in between or even longer, you and I will definitely be able to look back at this and smile, if not completely buckle over laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

Big love, Rebecca (and SouleMan)

About Rebecca Soule

Rebecca Cheeks Soule, PhD is a New York City based yoga and meditation teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She also leads yoga, adventure and lifestyle retreats worldwide.



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