CORPORATE WELLNESS: How to incorporate the ancient tools of yoga into modern life, bringing a sense of ease, energy and resilience into every day.

The Corporate Wellness teacher training module will teach elements of yoga, including pranayam, movement, and meditation, that are appropriate and useful in the office environment.

The ambition of today’s office environment is to encourage co-working, collaboration and agile flexible working space. In reality, these layouts can also create frustration, lack of time management and an inability to focus. Over time, these highly energetic, fast-paced and often unproductive circumstances can induce the stress response in our nervous system. Unhealthy coping strategies are often utilized to counteract theses stressors, including excessive consumption of stimulants or depressants, inadequate nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and more.

The practice of yoga has specific tools which can counteract the stressors of the corporate lifestyle. However, it isn’t always easy to dash off for a quick round of yoga on your mat! This module specifically addresses the issues of working in today’s office environment, and presents tools of yoga that can be used within the limits of your workspace.

Utilizing these ancient tools in your modern life setting will enable you to be more creative, collaborative and energized throughout your day.

Join us at Sonic Yoga to experience a practice that will not stretch the boundaries of your office, but will expand your sense of self worth, empower you, and promote ease.

When: Saturday, January 25 (9am-4:30pm) & Sunday, January 26 (10am-4:30pm)
Where: Sonic Yoga – 944 8th Ave (55th-56th), 2nd Fl NY, NY • 212-397-6344

Module: $365
Sonic TT Grad: $320

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