Why private yoga? Learning “at the foot of your teacher” is the most traditional and transformative way to practice yoga. There are many reasons to consider taking private lessons:

New to yoga?

If you are new to yoga, a group class can be intimidating. A private lesson provides individualized instruction + undivided attention. You learn postures and breath practices with me, one-on-one. This way you are less likely to be frustrated, or injured. Ultimately, private yoga increases your chance for success of bringing the wonderful tools of yoga into your life.

Designed just for you.

Your private yoga session will help you to master posture, breath, focus and relaxation tools that you can use every day to increase flexibility and strength, reduce anxiety and stress, and allow you to live with greater ease.


The practice of yoga includes physical and mental practices that allow you to thrive in your life, not just live. The awareness and relaxation you develop and cultivate with me in your sessions will start to move into every moment of your life.

Already take group classes?

Some yogis find that after months or years of studio practice, they desire a deeper understanding of their practice, work toward more advanced poses or learn kriya and meditation techniques not typically taught in group classes.


Marma is a pressure point therapy (see below for info). that uses firm pressure on various landmarks on the body to release physical and energetic tensions in the body. The result is an experience of great ease in the body and mind. My 90-minute, signature class combines this therapy with your yoga practice. You leave feeling open, free and sublime, ready to join the world with the most balanced and best self you have to offer.

If you are interested in my undivided attention, for 60 or 90 minutes, in your home or my home studio, reach out through my Connect page. Whether you are a new or experienced yogi, give yourself this gift each week. Just for you, a private class or my 90-minute signature Yoga + Marma Session with Soule. Start your Soulecation today!

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